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A Lift, A Smile –  Short Stories

A Lift, A Smile: Short Stories
This book by Gesiere Brisibe-Dorgu contains short stories about the mysteries of our world and how they are perceived.

I have written this book with a desire to understand the holistic nature of life I believe a holistic view of life is the only way balance can be achieved in life. In enjoining you to meditate and persistently work for your life’s goals, I’m only emphasizing what you already know.

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365+1 Creative Conversations

Success and prosperity come to those who make the extra effort needed. The result of laxity and failure to work conscientiously is of course, mediocrity. Mediocre effort must surely earn you mediocre results, simple!

 Dear friend, every day will be a new dawn in the true sense of the word as you methodically read and meditation on the daily topics. Three hundred and sixty-five (365) subjects are dealt with I have also taken care to include one (1) additional topic, bringing the grand total to three hundred and sixty-six (366) in deference to the leap year. One must not cheat nature you know!

 I sincerely hope that the creative conversations we are going to have will impact powerfully and positively on your life, propelling you to heights hitherto unimagined.

Beloved, I wish you happy and thoughtful reading.

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