Other Works

Other Works

Esegi’s Mind and Other Stories

The short stories contained in this book tell the story about our journey through life—its surprises and challenges and the fact that we are offered the opportunity to learn from several teachers along the way.

How many of us are aware of these opportunities and take advantage of them?

This is the big question.


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A Slippery Gift

Revolutions erupt when the downtrodden masses can no longer cope with the seeming oppression of the powerful few. It is a natural occurrence and is mostly spontaneous when the right leadership emerges.
A Slippery Gift will take the reader into the world of the Nigerian Niger Delta, which, in spite of being oil bearing and oil producing, has continued to experience nothing but despoliation, degradation, and neglect. Inevitably, the frustration of the voiceless people finds expression in youth activism and agitation for justice and equity.

Countless very young girls and even boys are frequently molested. Majority of these children’s stories never get told in the open because they are voiceless. In many instances, even female relatives and mothers shy away from exposing the culprits who are either their husbands, brothers, sons, nephews, or a close family friend.

Breaking the Bond is about an uncommon girl who, against all odds, broke the stronghold of incest in her family in an unusual way.

Youth of Promise is the inspirational story of Yerin-ebi, a lowly born young man, who, against all odds, overcame all his limitations and rose to become one of the most prominent citizens in his country. Truly, there is no height a person cannot reach if determination becomes a constant companion.

Yerin-ebi was humble, intelligent, industrious, and above all, had a clear sense of direction and commitment. With the above attributes, it did not come as a surprise that the heavens lined up the required opportunities to enable him to succeed.


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A Continuous Journey

A Continuous Journey: Sequel to Love So Pure is a continuation of the extraordinary lives of two ordinary persons, Ziboere and Layefa. Their epic journey to the mythical kingdom of Erereama signaled the beginning of conscious living while on this earth plane.

As their life styles unfold, it will become clear that a meaningful life is not necessarily lived in a dramatic way. What matters most is the positive impact it has on others and the world at large.

There is no doubt that we live in a mysterious world full of deep secrets. There is also no doubt that these secrets are divulged to those whose soul search goes deep.


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Unlikely Alliance

Unlikely Alliance is about the unending story of humanity’s complex relationships. It is becoming increasingly clear that even science may never unravel the intricate workings of the minds of humans.

The unexpected alliances reveal a boatful of intriguing and shocking relationships that baffle and confound even the most liberal of persons.

The book is a call for everyone to be respectful of the humanity in the other person.


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Love So Pure

Love So Pure is a driving force for animate beings who want to seek the hidden doors to the realities of creation. It serves as a preparatory recipe for one to meet his/her ultimate creator through embracing the finest virtues of life such as tolerance, empathy, patience, peace, and unconditional love.

To the sober seeker, the ideas contained therein are soothing tonic for the soul. The author has successfully animated the reader to embark on a spiritual voyage of self-discovery. It is a passionate recount of man’s essence in life and the divine purpose of our creation in its complete and true form.

The book also captures a vivid theorization that the human soul lives again in a new body after someone’s physical death.


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The life of Tuburu was a fantastic celebration of romance, courage, raw strength, and unconditional patriotism. A person of his courage, charisma, power, and importance could not avoid envy, intrigue, blackmail, admiration, and hatred in any age, and so it was with him.

His deep knowledge and appreciation of universal laws and PRINCIPLES stood him in good stead in times of turmoil.

Having sat at the feet of the wise elders at an early age, he was privy to the inner workings of inner kingdoms.

Readers will be enthralled by the warrior legend Tuburu, whose eventful and exciting life continues to inspire and confound persons of all ages.


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Visions of Life

Visions of Life is a book of poetry that reflects the dreams and realities of people everywhere.

Humanity is at one when it comes to the expression of deep-seated emotions. In Visions of Life, I have attempted to capture these emotions in poetic language.

It is my sincere hope that you will be enriched by what is contained in these pages.


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A Path Similar

We must continue to speak out against dehumanizing practices even though it is a fact that human beings have always found ways of punishing each other. These punishments range from rape, torture, and kidnap to other forms of physical and psychological abuses.

While it is true that humans are free to think progressively or retrogressively, majority can’t still grasp the simple fact that no one can escape the consequences of his or her thoughts and actions.

A Path Similar takes you into the lives of three unique families whose actions, interactions, and inclinations mirror the realities we face every day.


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